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So Venus in your biz sector for the whole of November is a fab inspo to lift your career game; and it’s all about how attractive and compelling your professional moxy is, more than necessarily hard yakka that’s going to get you ahead right now.

Could be the sheer quality of your talent –doing whatever you do exceptionally well- that revs up your confidence to get out there and shamelessly promote your brilliance in the world; to possibly brilliant effect I might add. Could be time to polish your brand/ fire off a killer job application or pitch for some gig you’ve got your eye on? Or maybe just polish up the work wardrobe/dress for success to make the right impression –I know it’s shallow, but with Venus involved looks and first impressions really do matter! And this includes hustling any opportunities with just the right amount of charm/smooth negotiation skills/dazzling smile that make you exactly the kind of delightfully co-operative team player/collaborator that everyone wants to work with huh? It’s all about excellent, highly professional interpersonal skills of yours!

And it’s kind of divided up into (1) Venus retro for the first half of Nov, where you scheme/prepare and lay the groundwork- including the New Moon of the 8th where you finesse any social networking opportunities (on or offline) that present themselves. And (2) Venus direct in the second half of Nov, to charge forward with a bit more momentum on any cool opportunities. Especially around the Full Moon of the 23rd, which is so auspicious for getting the successful day job moving with the ideal work/life balance to make it actually work.

And then speaking of interpersonal skills, it’s also mating season! The Venus/Mars trine of the 10th and the Destiny Point in your relationship sector is a sweet love and romance vibe that comes so much more easily than usual. If partnered/loved up already you make the time for quality bonding in between your busy work schedule- the extra effort to make one another feel special is bound to be appreciated. And if single/on the prowl? Oh boy, I’m here to tell you that you are WAY more likely to meet your next lover/partner/fun flirtation via your professional life! What was I saying about dressing to impress on the job… hmm could be effective in oh so many ways, know what I mean?

Image: hair-couture-by-Sean-Armenta

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