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So with the Venus/Mars square this month, we’re all feeling the siren call of mating season-and the thrills and spills that go with it…

And in your case, with Venus switching between your adventure sector and intimacy sector in the next few months, you may feel kind of split between the need for lots of independent personal space/emotional oxygen and the yearning for passionate, all consuming bonding in your love life? It’s a balance that can be achieved, of course –and the sexy New Moon of the 9thin your intimacy sector could be a clue about how to manage it:

Perhaps your relationship allows for the mutual respect to encourage one another’s individual dreams, go explore fab new experiences together and keep evolving with the glorious, unconditional devotion that allows both of you to be your true selves? Pretty nice if you can pull it off, huh? Or perhaps you are loving the wriggle room of being single and autonomous; the better to explore a magnetic new attraction with someone thrilling or general seduction opportunities in the world on your own sweet terms-which also sounds like fun, right?

Meanwhile Mars in your soul sector also has you tuning in to whatever inner self-development work, meditation/yoga practice or communing with your creative muse is turning you on-because it’s following your spiritual bliss that really, beautifully energises you right now… You’ve always been a spooky, mystical little cosmic child-and even more than ever for the next few months.

Then the Full Moon of the 25thhas you brewing the most genius, fabulous new schemes to move forward in your life- and with maverick Uranus involved; it’s thinking big and way outside the box that most inspires you. Especially with the Destiny Point in your day job sector- you are so onto whatever work scenario is going to suit your optimum lifestyle for professional and personal wellbeing. You’re talking a good talk in terms of chasing up some cool new biz/travel/expansive life plan-and more importantly you’re ready to walk your talk, make it happen and have fun with it!

Lucky Jupiter wants you to expand your horizons and, like a bird of flight, spread your wings and live large x

Image: Dennis Zilliotto

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