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Image: Oriol Angrill Jorda


The big news of May is Uranus switching signs from the New Moon of the 15th and ready to rock some fresh, innovative energy in new areas of our lives, for seven whole years to come -and for you it’s in your ideas and communication sector:

So get ready for some brilliant, sparkly new insights and intellectual stimulation downloading into your clever, intuitive little mind. I mean it’s not exactly conducive to clinging onto any obstinate, fixed beliefs for dear life or running ye old stories that no longer serve you, obviously. And in any case anything remotely delusional or even sweet little lies you may have been telling yourself may be blown out of the water soon enough, just so you know. But if you can keep it real, and an open mind to more expansive, positive ideas and ideals you are about to be bursting with liberating new attitudes to life, crystal clear in your intentions and so inspired!

The better to communicate more clearly in the world, from this lovely place of clarity within yourself; and engage some fab dialogues and connect more authentically within your personal relationships, social networking and creative/professional collaborations.

Especially with Venus into your self-expression sector from May 20th:

This is a gorgeous confidence for you to play with your innate talent/creative process and ready to share it around with some shameless self-promotion in the world, and this may well translate into some fab biz opportunities by the Full Moon of the 30th. And even more so when Venus meets the Destiny Point in your work sector by mid June; an excellent, future oriented professional breakthrough well worth working towards…

And also fab for your romantic life, where you find the smooth, flirty repartee and effortless charm to make things happen on the dating scene. Or if already partnered you make extra time for one another, lush one another up with some well deserved attention to remind yourselves what you adore about this connection, and renew the spark?

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