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Mars is travelling strong in Capricorn, the sign of his exaltation from March 18th-May 16th, so we're in the middle of a particularly energised phase right now to get a move on and claim whatever we feel is important to us with a keen eye on successful outcomes-yes indeed.

But the lusty impatience of Mars does have a slightly conflicted relationship with the hard discipline and slow moving imperatives of Capricorn energy. So we're crazy impatient with any obstacles on our path (and yes there will be a few); but also understand it's properly character building and it's precisely the challenges coming up now that will help us get ahead in the long term, if we embrace them with a sufficiently determined and empowered attitude of course.

Which makes Mars hooking up with Capricorn ruler Saturn around April 2nd such a big deal. This is a key opportunity to grapple with the fundamentals of:

1. What is driving us right now-what are we hoping to achieve or what thrills are we hoping to experience? It's time to claim it already and do the goddamn work to make it happen -sorry there's no way around the old work-ethic right now. And seriously, if we do have any important biz/work aspirations going on right now-this is SUCH a golden opportunity to make some real progress, and so worth the effort however gritty, I can't stress the potential rewards of this enough!

2. What is holding us back? If it's an external, power-trippy dynamic with some control freak or whatever we internalise our locus of power quick smart and deal with it like a grown up. We get a backbone and command respect by behaving respectfully in the world, yes? And if we're feeling blocked by our own internal self doubt or self defeating behaviour; again we deal with it like a grown up, dig deep and confront our crappy, limiting old stories about ourselves with a more functional and positive determination to thrive. Yep we have to back ourselves right now, it's that simple and that unavoidable as that I'm afraid. Mature, self aware consciousness is the everything right now!

And then Mars/Lilith April 18th-21st is a case of the warrior meets the bitch goddess! I mean it's tetchy and to be honest our relationship dynamics might look a little like this, lol:

Or ok, if we play our cards right maybe this:

Image gifs: Vikings

So yes it's hot. And if we do have some smoking love affair going on (or incoming) it's only going to become more sexy, deep and meaningful when Mars meets volcanic Pluto by April 26th. Yep, it's going to become very interesting for the lovers out there by late April-especially with the brooding, hungry, emotionally courageous Scorpio Full Moon of the 30th. If you're on the prowl and looking for passion-get ready it could be coming and you want to be ready for the inevitable, scary authenticity when it does huh?

But also beyond love dynamics, the Mars scenario with Lilith and Pluto in the second half of the month is about a truly healthy and empowered connection with our own appetites & desires and ultimately, of course, a more healthy relationship with self. We stare down any (inner or outer) demons that are holding us back with our most ferocious moxy -and it might take some serious personal growth and transformation to do so; the better to live with fearless integrity and really, truly thrive on our most powerful, uncompromising terms. So yeah, no pressure or anything...

Happy Mars in Capricorn- it could be our ticket to next level success, self mastery and satisfaction, so let's grab it x

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