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The endless multiplicity of expansive life possibilities presenting themselves to you this month are pretty awesome, actually.

You have the Full Moon of the 2nd suggesting that you analyse less and tune into that awesome, visionary intuition of yours more; your native instincts are driving you forward and the more you trust that, the more comfortable you feel in your skin and your promising future plans right now.

Or to put it poetically; the world is in love with you and wants to reveal her best opportunities to help you reveal your full potential in the world to yourself: are you up for this magnificent challenge? Because if you are Lady Luck is on your side!

And especially around the New Moon of the 18th, with the healing power of Chiron and lucky Jupiter retro in your self-expression sector: like a butterfly in the chrysalis you are brewing some awesome new version of yourself & life vision, safe in the knowledge that your creative process is on-point and genuinely promising.

Yes, and by the time Chiron hits your biz sector mid April -and even more so when Jupiter moves forward in July- the momentum picks up in terms of launching your coolest schemes and dreams in the world with the kind of kooky personal innovation and playful self belief that you love.

Meanwhile Mars into your love sector from the 18th is pretty hot. You bond with any love interest on the scene-whether established partner, lover or sparky new attraction-with that much more passion, ardent sexual chemistry and shiny romantic confidence. I mean even if some tetchy argument crops up-it’s that much more likely to end up in fiery make up sex/honest declaration of interest/or at least clarification about where things stand, to move forward one way or the other. It’s all about feeling it as hot-bloodedly as possible now –the better to handle the Mars/Saturn relationship reality check of early April with as much emotional courage and authenticity as possible. Get ready!

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