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New Moon in Capricorn to renew our groove, exact 1.17pm January 17th, AEDT.

New Moons are always a rush of fresh emotional clarity, and being the first one since Saturn entered his home sign of Capricorn recently it's a chance to attune with -and get our heads around the powerful Cappy energy rising up right now:

It's fiercely intentional, soberly pragmatic, acutely savvy about the lay of the land and any power/biz/attraction dynamics on our radar, focused upon walking our talk with maximum integrity and quietly determined to thrive no matter what as 2018 unfolds...

So for the moment, this New Moon reveals which structures in our life are solid/genuinely valuable and require deeper, more powerful commitment and which are so shaky that all we have to do is keep walking as they disintegrate behind us. It's not so much agonising decisions about one path or the other; as the liberating reality check of certain scenarios either revealing their full potential in tangible ways OR falling apart right in front of us-and all we have to do is pay attention (and choose the high road) huh?

And this is a Venus ruled Moon! We are fully attuned to what genuinely turns us on in love/romance/creative expression/biz etc and it feels so good to do just that. We are totally inspired to walk our talk/strut our talented stuff/explore our full potential and you know, be gorgeous right now -because frankly anything less is just unnecessarily boring. And even if that means shaking up any limiting ideas of what we're capable of/tackling some real personal re-invention it's all good: we have maverick Uranus on board to spark up a radical, spunky new vision for ourselves with relative ease this week. Let's do it!

Happy New Moon xxx

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