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New Moon in Virgo coming up, exact 3.30pm Sept 20th, AEST.

All New Moons are all about fresh, clean new energy; and an opportunity to focus this with clearest possible intentions for the greatest flow forward throughout the rest of the month. It's like a monthly clean slate, where we get to clean up our act and polish up our vision anew.

And of course Virgo LOVES a clean slate, tidy new plans and the savvy pragmatism to make them real-this is like Virgo's thing!

And with Venus into Virgo ushering in this Moon, we have the added Venusian vibe of creative expression, sharp aesthetic and beauty sensibilities for a good time. And Dr Chiron blasting this Moon with healing potential is a wonderful opportunity to keep our best healthy, positive intentions at the forefront here...

I recommend a spring clean/declutter of our environment, cleaning out the fridge and replenishing the fresh veg/superfoods supply, hitting the yoga mat, a lovely restorative exfoliating/cleansing spa treatment (even just in our own freshly scrubbed bathroom) , and polishing our look with a nicely pared back wardrobe/organic skincare regime etc, and perhaps a newly clarified romantic dialogue with someone special...or any of the above... to usher in this Moon with a restored, shiny well-being in body, mind and soul.

Happy New Moon x

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