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The Full Moon of the 6th is a nice, expansive start to the month. It’s in your vision sector, and with mystic Neptune on board is permission to scare up some next-level magical thinking about your life and coax your dreams into manifest potential. All you have to do, really, is follow those rocking instincts of yours with tenacious confidence and luckily, this is your brilliant forte so I suspect you will enjoy September…

Also Mars in your ideas/communications sector is powerful energy to stick with the courage of your convictions for the next few months, the better to define your values and goals more effectively and the courage to live accordingly. Especially when it comes to your communication skills; where you take charge of any important conversations/negotiations going on with a quietly determined confidence; the better to know where you stand and keep moving forward with clear intentions on both sides of any unfolding dialogue in your life…

By the New Moon of the 20th you should be in a position to make some key decisions with the clarity that comes from this, huh?

And I tell you what, if Saturn/Lilith in your work sector recently hasn’t grounded you with a serious vocational plan, I don’t know what will! You’ve been tested for a while now to clarify boundaries around your work ethic/working smart not hard toward clear, effective goals –the better to enjoy the rewards of Venus meeting the Destiny Point mid month. A more lucrative version of embracing your professional goals and creative process is coming together for sure…

And love? You can already feel Lilith &Saturn approaching your partnership sector by December; where you could be dealing with someone spunky and wildly authentic with whom to do the work of nutting out, and possibly confirm the quality of true, long-term commitment potential between you. Yep, get ready it’s coming up!

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