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So Venus has been floating around, in and out of your sign for a few months now and you’ve been workshopping your love/romance/charm/talent/beauty vibe with varying degrees of self-improvement finesse. So now the preparation is done and Venus roars back into your sign in full, direct ferocity and ready to rock your optimum potential re all things Venusian all month!

You are gorgeous and you know it; you’ve nailed your beauty regime/self-care/personal style to perfection and quite rightly strutting around looking fine and (more importantly) feeling grand in your own skin. Those wolf whistles & admiring glances as you sashay down the street –you take them in with the self-assurance of someone who’s hot and they know it. Yeah baby.

And your romantic confidence is also on fire. By now you presumably have a much clearer handle on who you want (or not)/what kind of relationship you want (or not). The better to walk your talk and move forward with your love life from a place of genuine integrity.

Any existing relationship still on track at this point is moving forward because you both really feel it, and enjoying good times together by delighting one another with renewed mutual adoration? Nice. And if single, your spunky charisma is more likely than usual to attract someone fun, promising and ready for good times with you –especially when Venus activates lucky Jupiter in your love sector around the 19th.

So the Full Moon of the 11th in your sex/intimacy sector is so good. Your sexual/emotional instincts are subtle and on point, the better to bond beautifully with whoever’s in your life. Not to mention Mars in your comms sector with a bit of fiery, flirty spark to pursue who/what you want with that ardent determination of yours– I mean you do love the thrill of the chase, and now’s the chance to be hungry like the wolf and go-gettem!

And the Destiny Point into your talent sector/your Venusian self-belief is brilliant for the creative confidence & shameless self-promotion to get ahead in biz/career, arty self-expression. And excellent preparation for Saturn in your biz sector by December, when you’ll nail the work ethic to do what you’ll know you love by then.

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