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April is ready to go and the scopes are up here.

There's some nice frisson for a good time, with adventurous Jupiter, potent Pluto and uncompromising bitch Lilith power-tripping us to grow the hell into a more powerful version of ourselves; so there's some sparky personal development right there.

And a rebel Libra Full Moon on the 11th, with Jupiter and maverick Uranus calling us to the beat of our own drum - no sheeple complacency!

And the Taurus New Moon of the 26th directs us on a steady, solid path toward the magical Destiny Point- where our compass points to the beautiful future...

So there's plenty of momentum, but also enough planetary retrogrades to remind us that it's sometimes one (intelligent) step back, then a mindful step forward that gets us moving in the right direction. A bit of patience goes a long way here.

Especially Venus, taking a month out from an extended tour of impetuous, fiery Aries for a softer, dreamy Pisces boogie in April. The first half of the month is Venus retrograde in Pisces- instinctual and great for healing, re-connecting and ameliorating any recent romantic rifts or re-working creative mistakes; but not so much any forced action. The from the 16th we can embrace a more decisive, assured flow in love, art, beauty and creative expression.

So trust and prepare, the month is building nicely to wherever we want to be, Happy April x

Image: New York in the 1970s by Allan Tannenbaum

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