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Image: Helmut Newton

Bitch Goddess Lilith into Sagittarius this morning, where she'll stay till November. This combination is fairly straightforward so I'll keep it brief:

Lilith is Queen of the rebels, iconoclasts, happily outcast lone wolves. In the biblical story, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who stormed off in a huff when she sensed the power dynamic of that particular relationship wasn't her thing (specifically she refused to 'lay under him'); and cheerfully made her own life in the wilderness with the owls, snakes, ravens & wild brumbies. She is the wild woman/feminine archetype writ large, living free and unencumbered by any bourgeois bullshit or expectations.

Sagittarius could not be more simpatico. Sag loves outlaws, free thinkers, untamed wilderness, wild creatures and lots of personal space...

So the next 9 months is gonna be great for the rebel hearts among us, and connections based on real respect for our own and each others boundaries; the better to love more authentically and fiercely when we do choose to connect.

And our Valentines vibe today could be a clue. Yes the Moon is in luvvy Libra so we do love us some romance. And the lovers, Venus & Mars together in passionate Aries is hot; but don't forget Aries also values independence and is turned on by a robust meeting of equals, not so much any sooky, clingy nonsense.

So if we're moved to be upstanding in our own, autonomous personal integrity today, the better to show any Valentine in our life a real good time with minimal weird, needy undercurrents? Yes, we're astrologically on point!

Happy Valentines, and happy Lilith in Sag x

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