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Aries Full Moon coming up, 2.23pm Sunday16th October, AEST.

Aries is the bold, brave, independent trailblazer of the zodiac; so a Full Moon here is a rising up of any emotional imperative we've been feeling lately to get out there, assert ourselves with healthy, self-assured moxy and initiate some bolshie new opportunities in our life already...

We want to be free to do our own thing and ideally score some street-cred for how brilliantly we're doing it. Aries is the idealistic fighter, and loves to lead the way to a brighter future... so all of us, in or own little way, are wondering how to agitate for a better, more authentic way forward...

Because we ALSO have the maverick rebel, Uranus, sparking up every kind of fuq-the-status-quo rebellion that's being simmering away in our collective and personal zeitgeist...

Boy are we restless as fuq right now!

We're so ready to overhaul any stale, limiting habits, attachments, ennui, complacency, co-dependent relating and attitudes in our life, the better to strike out in a more relevant, courageous, fun (!) future oriented direction in our personal reality...

And same goes for our collective attitude, there is a wave of blessed unrest fomenting around the world right now... we are hungry for freer, more egalitarian, sustainable, joyful, non-violent, non-exploitative, sane, truly healthy social ecology that genuinely honours every individual's personal sovereignty no matter what... Rebellion is the only answer to our current paradigm but not boring old violent, politicised rebellion; more a rise of conscious living that says Fuq You to the 'man' (system) that seeks to enslave us and unapologetically goes right ahead and lives just as free as we damn well like on our own terms, whilst giving everyone else the courtesy of allowing them to do the same...

And this attitude is completely resonant with this Full Moon in bravely individualistic/personal responsibility inclined Aries on top of revolutionary, socially conscious Uranus. Today may be a fab clue about how you may wish to revolutionise your own life -or the world- for the better right now?

Sounds like fun!

Happy Full Moon in Aries,

Carpe Diem

Seize the day!

Enjoy x

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