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New Moon in Virgo unfolding as we speak- 6.33pm tonight, AEST- and it's a full blown Solar Eclipse!

New Moons are always an opportunity to channel fresh new emotional energy through our lives, and this one is especially potent in this regard:

It's in Virgo, where we love ditching any naff old ambiguous, emo baggage and scrubbing up for a cleaner, more efficient version of ourselves with pure intent and supremely focused pragmatism.

And it's bang on the magical Destiny Point, which is always a pointer to our most directional, karmically right-on, expansive future potential. It'a about accurately identifying that which is our true life-path-and damn well owning it, whilst releasing any fluffy attachment to that which is not; and Virgo is so good at this kind of precise, discriminating intelligence.

Right intention is everything right now, and don't be surprised if certain key life choices suddenly become clearer, more instinctive and no-brainer obvious! I recommend an early night tonight, where we meditate on any important decisions currently on our radar before sleep; and wake up tomorrow with a sharp new connection with our most powerful intuition and ready to act on it with a smooth, uncomplicated self-belief...

Yes Mercury has also just wonked out retrograde in Virgo, so there may be misunderstandings/techie dramas/communicative crap/botched contracts this month; but we handle it with firm handle on our own agenda/life-plan and a nimble adaptability-a brilliant combo if we can pull it off, and pull it off we must!

And this Moon also hooks right into the Saturn/Neptune square that has been pulsing in the background all year. It's about magical realism: where we tune into our most magical, visionary dreams and deepest emotional imperative to seek our heart's desire in love/art/spirituality/whatever rocks our boat and then ground it with our best real, honest, hard-yakka grunt and persevering work -ethic. There's no ducking personal responsibility for actually earning the life we desire right now, but the rewards are so much sweeter for having stuck with it through thick and thin! This Moon is a beautiful re-boot of our most precious motivation re this....

And this Moon is also engaging Bitch goddess Lilith in Scorpio. Lilith says we claim our right to be maverick, individualistic, iconoclastic free spirits rocking our fire-brand truth in the world (Lilith is quite punk rock in this regard). The more we remain true to ourselves with full personal integrity, the more we can engage with others on the same level of high-level, uncompromising integrity in all relationships/whoever crosses our path (Virgo loves this!) As I said in the September Scopes post, it's so time to really walk our talk-whatever that is, starting now.

Happy Virgo New Moon, let's go get it on x

ps, if you're after a bit more Lilith inspiration -here's one of the High Priestesses of Lilith moxy, Patti Smith:

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