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From the 6th onwards, this is the kind of month you elegantly retire to your immaculately decorated private sanctuary and dream/scheme/yoga/meditate/create. Venus in your soul sector is all about replenishing your lovely life force in private, via spiritually and artistically nourishing pursuits.

Of course it could also be meeting your secret lover for discreet rendezvous or bunking down with your partner for a month of private, intimate bonding or, if single, destiny crossing your path with some mysterious new soul mate type person…perhaps?

Meanwhile, it’s also true that the New Moon of the 3rd is a social butterfly situation. You get to float around on a cloud of gorgeous charm, renew ties with your favourite besties, attend some fab party and click with a bunch of excellent new friends -etc.

And then there is the Mars/Saturn action in your comms sector 23rd/24th. You love a chat, and there is no end to your enchanting loquaciousness once you get going on a favourite rant, let’s face it. But it seems you have a particular point to make this month; and want to keep your dialogues relevant, crystal clear and pragmatic re your particular agenda right now. Know what I mean?

Specifically, the more you are able to express thyself with maximum clarity right now, the more you can massage certain day job yearnings into tangible opportunities to get where you want to be, professionally.

That iron fist in velvet glove charm thing you do so well? It’s time to apply it to your most decisive vocational moves, and to this end the Full Moon of the 18th helps to connect you with your best creative instincts and boldly confident self-expression. Go with it!

Image: Richard Avedon, Harper’s Bazaar, 1950.

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