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The month begins with Venus in your sign opposing Pluto, which gives the July a combustive little kick-start for sure. Your romantic attitude is akin to prodding some slumbering snake in it’s lair just to see what happens when it wakes up -and see if you can’t get some kundalini energy revved up in some key relationship/potential hook-up/your own libidinous potential in your life. Sexy but volatile!

Actually it’s really about having a dig into any brooding passions/tensions around you, and try and bring any hitherto unconscious/unspoken personal dynamics to light in the first few days of July; because the New Moon of the 4th is time to transform any unresolved old shizz into a fabulously shmick, fierce, fresh new start in love, yes, but also art/biz partnership/your own emotional genius/everything! The better to go forth and conquer the rest of July with your best, clear, uncomplicated groove on…

Because Mars fuqing around retrograde in your talent sector recently may have had you all out of sorts second-guessing your own brilliance; but now that Mars is firing forward all month you reclaim your creative instincts and beautiful, natural self-assurance, and have fun with self-expression/shameless self promotion again.

And Venus into your income sector from July 14th-August 5th is your annual chance to monetize your best skill-set, so lets grab any lucrative opportunities coming up, yes?

And then the Full Moon of the 20th is the next stage of any love action you triggered earlier in the month. To the extent that your partner (love, biz, creative whatever)/potential lover/some new hottie is about to come back at you and meet you on the same, integral level you’ve been putting out for? Lucky Jupiter says the key to optimizing this connection is clear, confident communication. If it matters (and it does) speak up!

Image: Moon Goddess by Osaki Kun

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