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New Moon in Gemini coming up, 12.59pm June 5th AEST.

To the extent that New Moons are a rush of fresh energy, and a nice clean emotional reset for the month, it's lovely that this one is in airy, intelligent Gemini with Venus on board, and grounded by Saturn in it's opposite sign.

And god knows we could do with a new perspective on Saturn right now. Hard-core Saturn retrograde in fiery Sag has been feeling quite tedious recently: like some dreary authority figure hanging around, guilt tripping our psyche and stifling our wilder dreams with all manner of obligations, endless to-do lists, ridiculously slow-moving scenarios, personal discipline challenges etc that just seem to go on and on...

So this Moon brings some genius Gemini multi-tasking savvy, where we can sort the wheat from the chaff a bit, ditch any draining obligatory crap that isn't actually getting us anywhere, the better to hone in on completing the tasks that are actually worth our while. And Venus is here to help us finesse our value system re this; we are suddenly way clearer about what does matter, and with the motivation to focus so much more clearly on the important stuff, and getting it right...

And yes, Venus also makes this Moon a genius time for finessing our romantic communication. If you've been looking for an opportune moment to have that chat, express yourself more articulately with your lover, flirt it up with some cute new contender etc.. this weekend could be it! Mars in Scorpio says we do it with a raw, purely sexual approach, but he's currently flipping out retrograde so what does he know?

The Venusian New Moon in chatty Gemini says how about talking it through a bit-or even texting/sending fascinating love letters/turning up with pre-written speeches on someone's door (lol); the better to vibe cerebrally/verbally seductive. And, more importantly, check out how to get on the same mental page with our lovers for a more nuanced, intelligent approach to where things might be going...

And this applies to platonic/creative/biz/intellectual etc connections as well.

Because this Moon is also hooking into the brilliant Jupiter/Destiny Point action which is ready to peak by mid-late June. We really want to stay mentally agile, and aware of whatever our core values are about our future life potential-because it's all going to be evolving at warp speed this month, as opportunities suddenly arise and we either grab them on the fly or not-and we want to keep up with that! Let's stay high functioning, aware and capable of sharp, instinctual. critical thinking re where we're heading at any point in time for the rest of June.

And yes you might have noticed all the cute gifs in this post, as opposed to normal pics. It's my nod to the Gemini attention span, which is, well, short! So lots of pretty moving images, to amuse our quicksilver minds have hopefully got you reading to the end of this post, given all the other shizz you just know you should be doing instead, lol.

Lets have fun with this, happy New Moon x

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