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What with the ridiculous number of retrograde planets right now, and so much staunchly fixed, languidly slow moving Taurus energy around; we can be forgiven for feeling a tad restless and looking furtively around for some kind of momentum already??

So thank goodness for Jupiter direct, from 10.14pm last night, AEST. Did we wake up feeling a little extra spring in our step this morning?

Jupiter is back on track; and he is the god of good luck, good times, really, truly not giving a fuq about bourgeois crap, personal freedom at all costs, a positive, optimistic attitude no matter what, adventurous living, philosophical discourse that helps us to find meaning in it all and you know, booking a ticket to the nearest festival/tropical island whatever rather than working for the man if it comes down to it. We love a little taste of this kind of attitude right now! -it's like psychic oxygen amongst all the gloriously grounding, but nevertheless somewhat stifling earth energy upon us this month.

And ok, Jupiter also tends to binge out greedily at the slightest opportunity, and extravagantly fritter away all the hard won personal discipline we've been cultivating lately if we're not careful, so we do watch that, yes? But the fact that Jupiter is in Virgo tends to ameliorate this somewhat; we understand that to score the freedom and expansive life choices we're craving, we do have to work the details, stick it out on the yoga mat/gym, build our dreams with some long term, pragmatic savvy etc, which is handy.

And the really exciting bit is that Jupiter is now officially hurtling toward perfecting a conjunction with the Destiny Point, which is a defining aspect of 2016; where we are aligning more closely with our actual life purpose, and not scared to do the work to make it so.... it's beautiful, brilliant energy to claim our optimum future, and rockingly on point by mid-late June. Let's stay focused!

Image: Easyrider

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