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You my be feeling a bit of romantic ennui right now, what with Pluto parked in the same spot in your love sector all month. Your attitude to Mr/Mrs Crab may be like ‘are we going anywhere or what, dude, and btw, you know that emotionally deep convo I tried to start way back when-are you ever going to get back to me on that or do I have to keep hassling for fuqs sake?’ Or if single it’s like ‘hey universe, am I ever going to meet someone worthy of my gorgeousness or WTF do I have to do to get some decent, passionate attention around here???’ Or maybe it’s more a frustration around a biz/creative partnership that’s challenging your patience right now? Something genuinely, emotionally trying may be testing your patience at this point, so I understand if you’re feeling tres irritable this month…

Ok so Pluto gets moving by late September, and any number of partnership issues will be tracking forward by then; but what to do in the meantime?

I recommend tuning into the glorious New Moon of the 7th. It’s in your social sector and helping you to connect with your tribe. With Mercury turning on your sparkling wit, it’s a great time to be out and about and spreading your inspiring self around a bit. Ok, so Mercury is retrograde, so you might be re-negotiating certain friendships as well, and maybe untangling some minor misunderstanding, but it’s a productive process! Jupiter in your ideas/comms sector adds a beautifully positive attitude to any conversation, and come to think of it a brilliant new pro-life, high confidence, exuberantly optimistic attitude generally; which is a real game changer for a fab new lease of life this month. Well done you!

And then you’re dealing with Mars bolting backwards through your work/lifestyle sector. You are secretly banging away, behind the scenes, toward a better version of the day-job –the ultimate quiet achiever, you do the groundwork now, the better to unleash your fab new product/biz/promotion-ready brilliance by August. Same goes for fitness, you spend the next few months holed up at the gym/yoga studio/fave jogging track and emerge eventually with great muscle definition, luminous skin and glowing with endorphins. Perfect.

Image: Mala Lesbia

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