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Well it's one of those years when the gods are apparently calling the beautiful ones back home-for who knows what brilliant adventures amongst the stars...

Vale Prince x I don't have much to add to all the heartfelt obituaries posted today; more that I have been struck how many people have been moved by Prince, in their formative years, to more fully express their wild creativity, sexual confidence and fluidity and own their sense of 'difference' from whatever mainstream crap by his glorious self-assurance, and what better legacy can an artist ask for? I think someone wrote that he (and Bowie) revelled in an 'expansive, almost luxuriant sense of what it is to be a man' which is pretty nice.

Oh yes, and a Gemini, with all the multifaceted, fluid creative genius that comes with it and with a sexy as fuq Scorpio rising- he wore it well!

As for me, it's that Prince's Kiss, more than any other song, still has the ability to get me funking out in full, fabulously trashy pop-song dance mode; reminiscent of certain dance-floors in my trashy teens- thank you Prince!

But I'm going to choose my actual favorite Prince song to post here- a proper sexy love song up with the best xxx

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