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The new Moon of the 7th is a powerful reminder of

(a) What you love about the current day job, gratitude for having scored the dream career gig, and a renewed commitment to making it great by fast-tracking the next level of awesome success. OR

(b) A sudden jolt of restless fuq-off to the daily grind, unravelling a whole litany of dissatisfaction you’ve been feeling for a while at work, and how you really must break free form wage slaving/compromising your brilliance asap. So what exactly are you going to do about that?

Venus into your work sector is key, where you profitably spend April tuning into what you are actually good at. Do you have any native aptitude lurking around, that you’ve either not believed in or developed sufficiently so far? Or you know full well how good you are at what you do, and you want the rest of the world to know it too but you tend to avoid shameless self-promotion to thy professional detriment?

Basically, this month is about facing any self defeating patterns going on re underestimating your own talent, and getting over any self-effacing shizz so you can own it already; and knuckle down to making your core competency more personally profitable.

Saturn/Mars in your cash sector says get the bank account right, which I know you’re already genius at; and in this case it’s about pulling in more coin by being biz savvy than slashing the budget cos you aint earning enough. Get it?

And love? You’re either working hard to get an existing soul connection right -and it’s totally worth the emotional effort! Or you’re single and keen to mingle, and why not do the obvious thing and get out there socially, and do that seductive meet & greet thing you do so well? It could just be a bit of fun, but you are also just as likely to encounter a future-love type person at some random party or whatever…give it a go, if that’s your thing?

Image: super fiat arbuth ad 2013

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