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Image: Paco Peregrin

Venus is creeping toward a hook up with Pluto right now; it's in play all week and exact Feb 6th. Venus is about love , beauty and art, and Pluto takes it emotionally deeper and reveals our sexy/dirty/vulnerable little Venusian secrets. And we have explosive Uranus and bitchingly authentic Lilith and lust-for-life Mars in Scorpio on board, just to up the drama factor even more!

Have you noticed the emotional temperature rising lately, and the frisson of whatever sexual tensions or creative/biz ambitions in our lives becoming insanely obvious/in need of addressing asap???

I predict a few tricky affairs are going to come to light this week, as will secret crushes/infatuations/deep loves that only need naming in order to crash and burn OR flourish magnificently like never before!

Believe me, I'm a psychic reader and I know this stuff is out there (not that I'd EVER tell, lol) and many a hot blooded scenario is at bursting point... which is why we need to be so conscious, mindful and empoweringly, bravely, deliberately vulnerable and real with our interpersonal dealings right now. If in doubt, choose the more courageous, higher path; I know that's obvious but it's worth pointing out, because we're all so hair-trigger reactive and limbically intense it could be too easy to blow up and vent our darker, destructo shizz this week if we're not careful.

I also predict that many a thwarted ambition (especially those of us in the 'creative', artsy fields) is rising up and demanding attention. So we either own our naked lust to thrive/get ahead and do the work/shmooze the right people/pull off some brilliant creative achievement/ do our best to put our best foot forward or we seethe around regretting opportunities lost and bitching it up about being stuck in a rut. The right attitude is a no brainer, yes?

And don't forget that the Jupiter/Destiny Point action is still ON; so any bold, brave moves to seize the future we desire are amazingly well aspected right now.

So if you want to pull a machiavelian power trip on someone (not recommended, unless you're into that kind of thing and particularly relish dirty scenes),

OR pick a fight to clear the air re whatever you've been darkly brooding over lately (not pleasant but, let's face it, sometimes necessary),

OR prepare/polish/pitch your next big vocational project (yes),

OR schedule a smoking hot date where you get to explore a new level of passion with someone hot/really worth your time (preferable); Saturday night (specifically 5-6pm, if you really want to know) AEDT is your precise moment to strike.

It's volcanic, disruptive, sexy and emotionally potent astro, and it's worth harnessing this slightly obsessive energy productively; for good rather than evil, if we can. Let's be wildly passionate in a positive, focused kind of way this week...

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