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​TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Saturn is finally out of your love sector, and Mr/Mrs Taurus is finally off your case, and done with their tedious nagging for the moment, lol? Or if single/unpleasantly entangled, you’re done with angsting over the vagaries of your relationship status and ready to give the emo crap a rest, already? Well, yes to the above, preferably. You are no longer so concerned with towing the line of official, bourgeois partnership expectations. You’re doing love your way and don’t care who knows it. Actually, chances are that Saturn has gifted you some kind of sane romantic stability recently, and you’re focused on finessing an important, valuable connection in your life. Saturn is now in your intimacy sector; so you’re ready for a deeper level of integrity in whatever connection is coming up -If you love, you do it with a fierce commitment to doing it right, and possibly even building some sustainable longevity in a significant partnership? Or if not, you aint moping about bitching about miserable singledom. No, you are navigating the kind of beautifully solid relationship with thyselfthat is possible when one is free of the vicious tug of romantic obsession with another person. You’re all about powerful autonomy, healthy interpersonal boundaries and the satisfaction of feeling comfortably complete in your own skin. Gold, and this is exactly the mindset that attracts a truly healthy partnership whenever you are ready, and couldn’t care less when that might be. Meanwhile there is an electrifying New Moon in your day job sector mid month. Suddenly, you can spot a brilliant opportunity a mile away and pounce on it quick sticks -your professional instincts are fairly quivering with genius accuracy! Could this be the moment to leap into the unknown, and trust a fresh new job/biz scheme to deliver the success you so richly deserve? Or is it that you re-jig your existing scenario to better suit your own, long-term purposes? Either way, you forget your change-averse reputation, get unapologetically efficient about scoring a rewarding vocational future, and fearless about ditching any dead-end gig/lack of professional respect at the next opportunity. Yes you can.

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