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CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Your ruling planet is now in your mysterious soul sector, and you are getting ready to confound everyone by shedding your ruthless, corporate image and get your spooky, mystical, cosmic-love-child mojo on instead. Ok, so I might be exaggerating slightly. As in you are still a creature of ambition; lets face it, it’s in your bones and we mustn’t forget bitch goddess Lilith in your biz sector activating the Destiny Point. This means that a profound opportunity to realize a major life achievement/align with your vocational soul-path is upon you AND you’re gonna grab it fiercely, efficiently and unapologetically no matter what! I mean der, you’re a Capricorn for goodness sake; as if you’d let a splendid, life-changing gig pass you by! So whilst you’re happily climbing the totem pole at work, what Saturn in your soul sector does is add a deeper, more intuitive dimension to your aspirations. You want to be doing something with your life that genuinely turns you on, spiritually and creatively. You only chase magical, meaningful dreams (anything less leaves you cold) and, importantly; you know how to access your own, inner font of visionary inspiration to pull it off! Yes, a higher, more profound level of personal success is what’s driving you right now, stick with it, huh? And then we have love. You’ve been rocking a brooding, complex, sexy vibe for a while now, thank you Venus in your intimacy sector for months on end. This is good; you have come to terms with your capacity for intense passion and tangled entanglements, which has been nothing if not romantically character building. But you’re ready for a lighter vibe, and Venus into your adventure sector from the 9th is just the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for. Go chase some lovely romantic dream, just for the joy of possibility?

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