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CANCER/CANCER RISING Saturn now firmly in your health/work sector is instigating a rockingly effective new Crab lifestyle regime, and you just know you have no choice but to honour it. Just realized you could do with a more motivated attitude to physical fitness? You book that gym membership/yoga subscription/hit the running track pronto. Your body/conscience is telling you to go vegan/paleo/raw smoothies/eat more regular home-cooked meals/whatever –you’re clearing out the pantry and right onto it. Just discovered a fab new work opportunity/promotion/biz scheme is ready to rock? You’re burning the midnight oil to prove thyself to someone influential/nail that resume or submission/turn up to some meeting looking stunningly shmick and professionally polished. Want to get the work/life balance right? You hammer that daily schedule into shape until it fits into a mould that truly serves your optimal lifestyle, dammit! There aint no stopping you now, and it all adds up to a healthy, wealthy and wise new chapter, unfolding over the next 2 years. And then you have a bolshie New Moon in your domestic sector on the 13th, where your famous devotion to the sanctity of hearth and home is amplified. If you have a nice familial/home scene going on, you renew your commitment to living well and fully appreciating your nearest and dearest. If the home turf aint so fab, you have never been so ready to move/uproot/renovate/shake up the housemate or family dynamic/etc and instigate a new domestic regime where you can live more authentically, and on your very own terms. Be brave about this, yes? Meanwhile, the love stars of October suggest that your next big romance is an affair of the mind. You fall in love with somebody’s brilliant intellect, beautiful ideas, shared values and attitude toward life and you take the time to cultivate the kind of inspired communication that brings two kindred, simpatico souls closer together. Don’t be scared to really open up verbally with somebody close to your heart, the better to reach an even deeper, more sophisticated understanding of one another’s desires. Or if you’re on the dating scene or freshly connecting with someone new? The art of flirtation, with all its playful, exciting, alluring verbal repartee is your new superpower! Go thrill someone with your delightful wiles, huh.

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