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Yes it's Full Moon time, and it's a full-on, full blooded Lunar Eclipse in Aries, exact 12.50pm, Mon 28th, AEST. This one is sure to bring the werewolves out. As in we are all feeling a bit wild now, so we get our groove on by hanging out with kindred souls who really understand, and can handle our crazy yearnings; but avoid any toxic types who, lacking self-awareness, are prowling for a pointless fight, yes?

A Lunar Eclipse is going to release our truest, most primal emotional material at the best of times; and in Aries we don't hold back from getting goddamn authentic and, ok, baring our teeth a teensy bit as growly feelings rise to the surface. We're howling at the fuqing Moon, already and don't care who knows it! But there's more... The Moon is on top of the South Node; the repository of all our past experience; it's like we open our ancient bag of tricks and see what

jumps out...all manner of potent old limbic desires and unresolved emo are waiting to be re-acquainted with, ready or not. Let's remain honest with ourselves, and true to what is really driving us right now, huh? And then there's the Sun conjunct the North Node, our best future potential, and activating Bitch goddess Lilith, for goodness sake! Oh my. We are beyond towing the line of any tedious personal compromise in our lives; our instincts are raw, greedy and hungry like the wolf. We want to live fully on our own terms and aint

afraid to ride that momentum all the way to our own wonderful, scary, thrilling future. And it should be noted that yes, taskmaster Saturn is also on board here, so a fair bit of personal discipline, integrity and emotional grit goes a long way to getting where we want to be. The energy is wild, fierce, brave and exciting; so we pull ourselves together, remain dignified and true to our genuine feelings/core agenda, hang on for dear life and embrace whatever new adventures are revealed to us... and don't forget

to enjoy the ride. Happy Full Moon x

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