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So you are perhaps the sign most frustrated with retrograde season lately. With Jupiter in Aqua & Pluto on the cusp of Aqua retro since late April, Saturn in Aqua retro since late May and Aqua ruler Uranus retro since late August; you could be forgiven for feeling stuck in some weird repeat cycle of one step forward/two steps back, thoroughly thwarted no matter what you do, and frankly over it?

Yes, well the learning curve of retrogrades is a kind of pros & cons game:

The cons are constant disruptions to the plan, obstacles appearing every time you think you’re making progress, certain idiots who apparently don’t believe in you/inexplicable misunderstandings cramping your style, and a creeping inner sense of futility because why the fuq bother/it’s all too hard?

The pros are time to detach from external validation or instant gratification, which can actually be such a relief! Because permission to look within & reflect on your own values, sans external expectations is so satisfying - just because feeling comfortable in your own skin is important! And a chance to quietly scheme & dream the next move, away from the public glare can be so much more efficient & productive than rushing the process right?

Ok good, so you’ve nailed all that recently, even if just managing the status quo without losing your shizz-you’re doing better than you think! And the reward this month is you are the sign most likely to LOVE the rush of planets moving forward, as follows:

Pluto direct in your soul sector, on the New Moon/Mars in your vision sector Oct 6th, for an energising sense of deep personal transformation -preparing you for exciting adventures in the world.

Saturn direct in your sign from Oct 11th, for how much personal resilience & discipline is serving you; to get your act together and take tangible, decisive, pragmatic action to succeed at what you do. Especially trine the Destiny Point & bitch Lilith in your talent sector you are ready to shine, unapologetically on your own terms-because you’ve earned it.

Lucky Jupiter direct in your sign from Oct 18th, trine Mars/Sun conjunct and Mercury direct in your vision sector. Just in time for the Full Moon of the 21st in your ideas sector, to feel fully emotionally connected to the gut instincts inspiring your genius schemes…

Oh my goodness this is such sheer positive, exuberant energy to chase your dreams just because it suddenly feels so good to feel alive! Yes your brilliant lust for life is on from mid-month, get ready to be amazed how quickly things move forward in your favour IF you stay true to yourself huh? Wow, what a month October is to finally feel amazing about being you, and what you have to contribute to our collective growth in crazy times.

Meanwhile love & romance? If you are lucky enough to have a lover/partner who appreciates where you are at right now, the mutual support is brilliant to keep the passion strong. Or if single/over the dating scene, that’s fine -the more you follow your own bliss the more someone amazing turns up unexpectedly, attracted to your fab charisma.

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