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After Pluto flirting with your sign, teasing forward and back over the cusp of Aquarius last year…you might have felt in a strange holding pattern? With a kinaesthetic sense of a powerful new chapter of your life brewing….so close yet somehow elusive, like an engine revving up, but distinct lack of momentum quite yet?

Maybe an exciting sense of future potential, motivating you to clear out the cobwebs, do the inner work to clean up your spiritual/self awareness act; preparing for the next big thing? Maybe you’ve felt like a pressure cooker ready to erupt, but the pressure to keep your cool in the world, whilst certain personal growth still working itself out has been driving you batshit crazy??


So you’re all about Pluto direct in Aquarius from Jan 21st,  to finally feel like you can embrace your phoenix magic-to get serious about transformative ways to create the life you most desire, future wise. Yes!

And ok, I would love to say it’s speedy progress-but your best look is more spooky genius as the alchemist you are, patiently cooking up  how you want to manifest the next stage of your life. Pluto lingering in the first degree of Aquarius, until a very brief peek into your soul sector this Sept-is a sexy initiation; for Pluto charging forward in Aqua from Nov 2024, for the next 20 years!

Slowly but very surely your personal power is rising up, to become the master/mistress of your own destiny. It feels good to embrace this kind of self awareness, right? And if you happen to become more charismatic, desirable, hot property in the word as you go…get ready to strut your stuff in the world!


So meanwhile, cue Venus into your favourite 11th house/social sector as Jan begins. Where Mars, Mercury & Ceres have been hanging out. You’ve already been rocking your naturally confident networking skills, charging around the world being brilliant as usual. Venus just finesses your charm, good looks and charisma on the scene. And if single/dating, yes you could be schmoozing some promising flirtation right now.

Also bonding with the good friends who mean so much to you. I mean you are the sign most devoted to your crew-you cherish your friends and treat them like the tribe they are, with total loyalty.


And ok Mars into soul sector from Jan 5th is a bit more introverted, taking time to recharge your batteries looking within/focus on spiritual growth. This just makes you more fascinating, of course.


Then speaking of tribe -we have to talk about your ruler Uranus, direct in your home sector, just in time for the Full Moon of Jan 26th  in your love sector:

Uranus direct is renewed confidence, to do with family dynamics and where you want to live, for 2024. Especially with expansive Jupiter involved, direct from Jan 1st. You feel brave about being as authentic as possible with your loved ones, to create domestic harmony on your own, weird & wonderful terms. And if you are restless to bust a move, location wise-this could be the year to figure out an exciting new home base?


Meanwhile the Full Moon in your love sector opposite Pluto in your sign, square Jupiter in your home sector and quintile Venus in your soul sector. Late Jan is gorgeous to love up your lover. Maybe soulmate vibes-reading each other’s minds cos so exquisitely connected? Maybe figuring out domestic bliss, with your shacked up partner? Love affairs work a treat here…on whatever crush, flirty or committed level you are doing romance right now.

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