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So lets talk about the focus on your 2nd house right now-all about feeling grounded and secure in the world:

Yes, autonomous financial prosperity is a big deal here. And, perhaps more important for such an intellectually driven sign-the autonomy to live according to the values that really matter to you.

I mean to the extent your wacky genius is so brilliant, in terms of truly visionary ideas? You tend to be the firebrand in the world, revealing innovative new ways to live to inspire the rest of us…we can only hope to keep up with your incandescent mind! Also do admit you can be kind of too abstract and tangential at times, to ground whatever you’re on about in practical terms?

Especially magic Neptune in Aquarius from 1998, then in your 2nd house since 2012. You’ve been leaning into your divinely inspired, cosmic wild child vibe for quite a while! Of course this has been amazing, for a profound sense of spiritual purpose, with freedom to disconnect from the tedious matrix, so to speak. Also, any louche lifestyle tendencies, or chaotic struggle with the things you can’t control-may have been a challenge along the way?

So Saturn in Aquarius, from 2021 was a nice reality check. The discipline to keep it real may have been tedious; but the satisfaction of your integrity being recognised, with the respect you deserve in the world was worth it.

Then Saturn into your 2nd house from last April felt so grounding, to manifest/monetise your genius in real terms. Then Saturn retro from June confirmed your determination to keep it real, even under pressure. For a well deserved sense of accomplishment, with Saturn direct from Nov 4th. Feeling solid, and comfortable in your skin by now? And you know what they say, about basic, functional financial stability…providing the freedom to play with more expansive options?

Cue the big news from December 6th-Neptune direct in your 2nd house. Just in time for Venus into your brilliant career sector.

The more tangential, inspired aspects of your prosperity plan reveal themselves:

Maybe so committed to some promising, income generating gig already cooking-the manifesting magic begins to bear fruit? Well done you, for sticking with it!

Maybe by detaching yourself from certain bourgeois expectations-as is your wont, as quite the rebel. You ditch any fear based survivalist/povo mentality, that may have been keeping you stuck in some limiting financial or work paradigm? For the high frequency moxy -to embrace whatever wildly creative, professional opportunities turn you on right now.

Either way you know exactly what you are good at, ready to show off your radiant talent in the world.

Especially the New Moon of Dec 13th in your natural habitat, 11th house/social sector, with Mars conjunct Ceres. As such a people-oriented sign, tuned into the collective zeitgeist-you adore this vibe!

Mars activates your sexy swagger, to charge around the social networking scene with maximum confidence. Whether shameless self promotion, professionally. Having a good time at all the right parties. Or getting involved in collective conversations/group dynamics-which are so important to you; to do with the courage of your convictions about these things, that you spend so much time thinking about.

Caring Ceres reveals your quintessential, humanitarian instincts, you care about the state of the world. Also connecting your dear friends and tribe, the people you care about benefit from you loyalty, here.

And square Lilith in your sexy 8th house. Intimate love is hot blooded. Maybe even challenging -because you both care enough to get it right?

Image: unable to find original credit, for this cool picture.

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