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I was just writing this for part of Taurus horoscopes for December, about Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter in their adventure sector... and it resonated so much about all of us trying to evolve fast seemingly against the odds I thought I would post it here. Something to think about to get us ready for the thrills of Dec 2019 -good luck with this one folks x

"...Also because Pluto/Saturn & Jupiter.. reveal your primal urgency to chase some deeply transformative adventure right now AND acutely aware of the challenging logistics involved in exploring new horizons -how the fuq are you going to pull it off?? If I may take some poetic license, it’s like the buzz of driving a sexy sports car down an open freeway toward some thrilling destination with the wind in your hair. Except there’s a roadblock that veers you off course, the GPS is broken & you’ve lost the map and also the car is on fire and some cop is chasing you with their sirens blaring; so by the time you get there you’ve had to explore weird territory, replace the car & there isn’t where you thought it was-but somehow you end up where you were meant to be all along… So it’s a wild ride coming up, and thank goodness lucky Jupiter in easy aspect to Uranus early Dec says this could be fun!..."

...and keep an eye on scopes in Dec, to see how the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter trip could be effecting your sign here.

Image: Bianca Henry for photographerJono Parker for Black Magazine.

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