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Oh my hello July! So what we have here is a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in the 3rd and then a Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on the 17th to wake us the fuq up pronto!

I mean it's Cancer season, so it's all about full on emotional authenticity; and with transformative, sexy Pluto & karmic taskmaster Saturn involved we're doing it wth more fierce, self empowered vulnerability than ever. We're not ducking our most primal feelings & needs right now-OMG they're coming up in full technicolour insistence, how could we deny our true, raw desires under these stars?

But neither are we taking any shizz from certain people who are in a position to influence our happiness/wellbeing & possibly taking advantage of that. Because ok, interpersonal dynamics are vibing crazy power trippy/convoluted headfuq IF we let them right now..... But no no no, much better we ditch all that manipulative nonsense.

Because this month is such a powerful opportunity to tune into our own courageous emotional self awareness, admit what's really important to us right now & our gutsy capacity to magically manifest whatever we need on our own terms. And on that basis choose the personal connections that fill our cup based on honest, genuine mutual respect -and yes, the hot blooded passion & powerful potential for real relationship progress that springs from that.

Especially with a sweet little aspect brewing between Venus & Mars-and the spooky, soulmatey Destiny Point! Oh yes, certain attractions/connections/commitments brewing under these stars could be way more karmic, interesting & long term promising than we realise... stay tuned, it could be about to get real.

So happy July folks; its all kinds of revealing, progressive & requires our full attention & willingness to grow beyond the usual comfort zone -how exciting and lots more detail for your sign here.

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