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Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows:

But first of all a reminder that even though Mars in Aquarius from May-November is an epic 6 month period of sexy, energised self improvement this year; this month he just happens to be wonking retro in and out of your sign -so you might fear that your powers are temporarily waning? Not so, it’s just that you are vastly more powerful right now lurking in the background, quietly scheming & finessing your next move than charging forward on some random impulse or forcing the issue with anyone. You are ideally quiet, self-contained and fiercely focused for best results in August.

Especially if you are tempted to try some aggro for a good time or pick a fight just because frustration, the rules of Mars retrograde are specific (almost like a martial art manual); the person who initiates ANY hostilities loses and the person who keeps their cool/steps out of the boxing ring/waits to respond at a more advantageous time wins. Maybe read that again and repeat it like a mantra until Mars moves forward from the 28th onwards, when you can begin to get your assertive moxy on again huh?

Because the Full Moon of the 26th in your income sector & lucky Jupiter in your biz sector is a great time to suss out any earning opportunities; with a grand earth trine to help you hustle lucrative type outcomes with a supremely pragmatic and highly intuitive radar for whatever is going to best serve your holistic work/life/spiritual wellbeing in the long run…

Meanwhile, the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th in your love sector is a brilliant reboot of any romantic dialogues in your life. Mercury retro could be weird misunderstandings/silly spats, but the Destiny Point says it’s pointing to a much broader clarification about where you stand/what kind of future plans you are brewing together. And by the time Mercury moves forward from the 19th you could be looking at fresh momentum with your lover or if single a cute hook up with someone fascinatingly new-that could be positively karmic, and pointing to your ideal love future for sure!

Image: Natasa Vojnovic in Maison Martin by Alix Malka

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