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The Eclipse of the 8th is an Aquarius Full Moon, and a brilliant opportunity to tune into your own emotional depth/get in touch with your real feelings and instincts right now, for some snazzy emotional congruence and confidence to power you through the month.

I mean you can be seen as bit of an emotional iceberg sometimes-as you tend to stick to principled analysis rather then indulge passionate whims if you think they might be flimsy, and peeps sometimes mistake your solid integrity for not actually caring. Not true of course, you care deeply but do tie yourself up in knots trying so hard to get it right sometimes? So this Moon is great for letting it out, shaking it up and expressing yourself with a bit more natural, easy confidence. Have fun with this!

And then there’s sexy Mars and the Destiny Point in your love sector for this Full Moon –this is big! Seductions abound; yes it could be time for you to go on the prowl but more likely someone hot is coming at you! Whether your existing lover fires up, and pays you that much more passionate attention to renew the connection-which only confirms the long-term chemistry between you? Or if you’re single you could be about to be chased up, with ardent ferocity by someone hot and thrilling –and this person could actually walk the talk and maintain the excitement, for longer term potential don’t you know?

Meanwhile do watch out for Mercury retrograde in your intimacy sector. Yes all this heat in your relationships (romantic or otherwise) is big picture fabulous for sure … but the intricate details of communication could get a bit lost amongst the thrills and spills of the chase. Not to overanalyse (it’s better if you don’t), just try to keep the dialogue open, clear and minimum complexity for best results.

Meanwhile Venus in your work sector all month is brilliant for owning your excellent talent on the day-job, cultivating the professional creative process and schmoozing the right people to score the kind of professional attention you deserve. Handy hint: a bit of dressing for success glamour/polishing your ‘brand’ and ok, shameless, flirty charm could go a long way here…

Image: Iman in Thierry Mugler

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