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May horoscopes are up!

And ok I'm not suggesting we lush out and hit the bottle, as per the pic above (lol), but god it's tempting!

I mean with every-bloody-planet retrograde this month it feels like 'aint nothing coming together anytime soon, it's all to bloody hard so why not fuq it all off and go randomly play poker with life/take some ridiculous risk/slack off/throw it all away on a whim cos where's all my perseverance getting me anyway?' Again, understandable but no no no.

The thing is that May is the perfect time to nail down our best, savvy, long term strategies in life and prepare ourselves to take plenty of time to artfully, patiently, intelligently get them right! We have so many clues popping up this month about which doors/opportunities are opening in front of us-where we check them out real well before barrelling forward, and which doors are closing-where we graciously let go and allow ourselves time to get over it and move on.

It's all about observing the lay of the land, aligning ourselves with the zeitgiest of our lives and then allowing time for outcomes to reveal themselves rather than committing to big, dramatic, impetuous decisions. The qualities we are being asked to nurture right now are perseverance, patience, regenerative self care, intelligent humility (not crappy self-doubt), and the ability to quietly scheme with an eye to the future-not madly force the issue for the sake of cheap thrills!

Mars retrograde says don't chase (especially awol men), don't push thyself to the point of exhaustion, but do gently assert your own boundaries and pull back to plan for the forward motion of August. And for fuqs sake do not initiate hostilities. According to classical astro, those who blunder forward on the offensive right now are doomed to fail, and those who sit back and peacefully suss out incoming hostility are most likely to play it wisely-and win.

Pluto retrograde says yes, certain structures are crumbling right now; but we don't jump on this and self destruct for the sake of it. Let it happen naturally.

Mercury retrograde says misunderstandings are rife- so slow down and communicate clearly, with plenty of time to negotiate optimum outcomes, rather than forcing premature stand-offs on some obstinate principle.

Saturn retrograde says personal discipline takes time to cultivate- it's a series of healthy decisions one day at a time rather than some big, dramatic overnight life overhaul.

So thank goodness for Jupiter moving out of retrograde, and blissfully direct right after the New Moon of the 7th! Jupiter is about our lovely faith in life due to having an optimistic, long term vision and a positive spiritual approach even during the challenging times, and always seeing the spark of hope on the horizon- that's the stuff we want to embrace right now, yes?

And the Full Moon of the 22nd will be face-off with whatever emo/sexual/ambitious type desires we have may have been suppressing in all this fierce self control, and integrate them back into the grand plan. We're not into denying our primal urges- we're about bravely incorporating them into who we are with integrity.

If you're into tarot, I nominate the Strength card as the one to meditate upon this month. Contained Power. Focused libido. Ultimate personal integrity.

To see what this means for your sign, go check out the May scopes...

Happy May x

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