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Mars in Virgo from Aug 1st till mid Sept is firing up your personal vitality, so you begin Sept full of dynamic energy & rearing to go. Especially Mars trine sexy Pluto in your play sector around the 6th gets your creative juices going, to dig deep into whatever latent talent of yours wants to be expressed right now. Gosh your shiny confidence is so spunky this month!

Especially by the Virgo New Moon if the 7th, exactly trine sparky Uranus turning retrograde in your adventure sector. Which means you are more inspired than ever to bust a move on exciting, liberating goals that matter to you. Even if you have to pace yourself till Uranus moves forward from mid-Jan, at least you know you are cultivating cool dreams & schemes for the rest of the year, that will totally pick up momentum in 2022.

Meanwhile Mars in your sign opposite magic Neptune in your love sector, exact Sept 3rd is just in time for the New Moon. This could be all about your hot charisma attracting the right kind of attention, maybe deeper soul mating with your lover or a spooky crush entranced with lovely you. Or even if someone madly enigmatic on the scene is doing your head in, with Mars onside you hold your own for sure. Passionate moments whilst maintaining healthy, immaculate Virgo standards of behaviour-you’ve got this!

Also your ruler Mercury opposite the healer Chiron in your sex/intimacy sector. Pillow talk & sweet vulnerability to share true feelings could be profoundly revealing, to help bond with someone you truly care about-how lovely.

Then Mars in your money sector from the 15th turns you on to earning potential for the rest of the month. Especially Mars in grand trine with Saturn in your work sector & Destiny Point in your biz sector by the 27th, with Mercury in your money sector trine Jupiter in your work sector. This aligns your clever schemes with a solid work ethic, to be so onto the success that comes with a productive daily routine; and also the work/life balance to have fun and actually enjoy the lifestyle you’re working so hard for huh?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 21st in your love sector syncs sexy Pluto in your romance sector, where your favourite partner in crime could be kind of fun to be around for good times together. And also inspire one another’s creative brilliance as you go, which is pretty cool.

Image: Ivana Tomic


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