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Uranus in your vision sector is a classic scenario of having crazy wild dreams, to chase a more exciting, liberating life –yes you want to be free, but Saturn says you have to work for it baby! And lucky that Saturn requires discipline in the 6th house –your favourite home turf. You get actually off on the imperatives here:

A steady work ethic. Keeping regular hours, turning up when you say you will and doing an impeccable job at what you do, understanding the subtle power dynamic & at least pretending to play the game, in order to function effectively.

Precise attention to detail. Whether its OCD perfectionism re tedious admin, highly skilled talent on the job or a spotless, organised environment to think clearly as you go.

Cleaning up your act with a strict health regime. Admit that you adore a scrubbed pantry/fridge full of fresh vegies, elixirs & supplements with a puritanical disdain for toxic, junk food crap. The better to be a high functioning success machine, and more importantly because shiny wellbeing matters to you!

Especially with lucky Jupiter also in your 6th house, you really get the positive growth & personal potential that comes with getting your act together, right?

Then the New Moon of the 12th in your 8th house of sex, intimacy & money is beautifully auspicious; conjunct Venus in a fab aspect with lucky Jupiter. So the force is strong with your sweet Venusian wiles -for bonding with loved ones, deep & meaningful romance and working money/biz negotiations to maximum advantage for all concerned. Because the 8th house can vibe kind of power trippy, so nice to have Venus to soften the edges and also Mercury on the healer Chiron & nurturing Ceres for caring, emotionally intelligent connection with the peeps that matter.

Then the Full Moon of the 27th has Venus/Uranus in your adventure sector and Mars in your social sector, for a restless desire to amongst it & make stuff happen in the world. And you get that functional lifestyle/relationship choices & clear intentions work –in terms of freeing you up to chase your dreams in the world. Personal success comes with taking full responsibility for how you get there, right?

Image: Tim Walker photography

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