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Jupiter and the healer Chiron in your sex/intimacy sector has felt like a yearning for deep connection with your lover/family/special loved ones. You want to experience really unconditional love, or at least positive mutual understanding and support with the people that matter to you.

Especially spooky Neptune in your love sector & sexy Pluto in your playful romance sector-the boundaries are thin and passions are high when it comes to true romance. You have an almost telepathic/empath thing going on with your soulmate -which is how you would describe your partner/lover or crazy crush rocking your world right now. So all is well with the Virgo love life?

Well it’s just that every single planet listed above, affecting your love mojo are retrograde this month. And the lovely Venus/Ceres conjunction is hiding in your soul sector, for subtle soulmating cues you can’t force.

So it’s kind of hot mating season with the brakes on… as in there could be sensitive issues that need to be addressed with subtle compassion, or maybe some delusional romance you need to get real about?

Which makes your ruler Mercury, in Virgo from the 4th perfect; for your natural predilection to talk about it. I mean ha, you do love to verbalise your feelings at great length, and to be fair also listen to your lover’s point of view with exquisite attentiveness to their needs. So tis the season for intelligent conversations with your special someone, to bond better. Or maybe finessing some flirtation, to figure out where each other are actually at?

Then the Full Moon of Aug 12th in your home turf, the 6th house of healthy lifestyle & practical work ethic is conjunct taskmaster Saturn. So that natural thing you do so well; micromanaging the daily routine, clean habits and wellbeing to be as productive as possible is SO on point mid month.

Which is fab of course, to manage the things you can control with your famous finesse and style. But also with Mercury in your sign, Saturn can exacerbate your nervous anxiety/obsession with details/stressing out about all the things you can’t control. So obviously the fine line between strict quality control about living well, and relaxing enough to actually enjoy living well is important-know what I mean?

Especially this Full Moon activating the Mars/Uranus/Destiny Point conjunction, in your 9th house of expansive personal growth. You are most energised by big picture thinking, chasing your wildest dreams for a sense of meaningful purpose and getting out & about, outside your comfort zone for the buzz of meeting new people/having fun with new experiences. Not so much OCD control-freaking the details right??

Then Mars into your biz sector from the 21st is way to focus all this confidence professionally. Especially by the Virgo New Moon of the 29th, square Mars is a rush of ambitious work ethic to get you moving!

Image: Carla Bruni for Steven Meisel


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