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Venus in Virgo from Oct 4th-28th; and in the spirit of the trashy dating posts I'm doing this year to entertain us through dystopia fatigue -if Venus in Virgo had a dating profile?

Classy, discerning lady seeking quality time with someone capable of meeting my perfectionist standards.

My hobbies include maintaining immaculate personal hygiene & strict organic/clean dietary regime, a tidy, effective work ethic & generally enjoying slightly fetishist OCD tendencies for a good time. Including an extreme cleanliness regimen to keep my environment spick & span -but if you think I'm going to run around cleaning up after you all day think again, I aint no maid & frankly already bored of your grotty habits. I would prefer someone who can manage their own affairs, the better to respect one another's boundaries & personal space-and when we do come together enjoy the finer things in life & stylish romantic frisson.

What really appeals to me on in a mate is a sharp, intelligent intellect to match my own clever mind; so we can turn one another on with witty, flirty repartee. Because stimulating conversation is my favourite foreplay, to suss out the subtleties of emotional compatibility-and if you can manage this you will discover my reputation as an uptight virginal type is a myth! Ahem, If you can keep up with my classy allure, and permitted into my boudoir you will find I am exquisitely skilled in the art of love.

Also due to my tight, workaholic schedule I don't have time to trawl through the randoms who may not be up to scratch-so please complete the attached questionnaire in triplicate, to ensure we are worth each other's time before applying.

Happy Venus in Virgo folks x


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