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So I've been talking a lot about love and romance, with Venus & Mars dancing around conjunct, from Nov till April-more detail in the mating season post here.

We've just been through the Capricorn part of this phase, where we come to the terms with the rules of engagement, the quality of serious commitment & randy chemistry-especially with passionate Pluto involved last week.

And now, as Venus/Mars jump into Aquarius in exact conjunction; we get to embrace a more unconditional aspect of loving relationship. In romantic partnership we remember to be friends as well, with a focus on shared values, compatibility and actually appreciating who one another are-more so than the heavy expectations we tend to project upon our lovers, know what I mean? It kind of adds a playful vibe to have fun together, instead of control freaking relationship goals. Also this deepens the solid, mutual support we give one another-to cheer each other on to be our true selves, the way we do with our platonic buddies.

This deepens the connection with our partner-lovers become better friends, and also some special friends become lovers, under this astro!

Also great to remind our purely platonic mates, and wider tribe how much they mean to us. Fab to bond with best friends who have our back, have fun with our social network-and also a beautiful sense of being part of our wider community. So important, to remind us that we really are all in this together!

A perfect example is the devastating floods in my region, northern NSW. Sans any real govt support, an entire community under pressure has come together with astonishing resilience-by doing it all together. Neighbours and strangers supporting each other, turning up to clean collectively, crowdfunding helicopters etc to save stranded folk, and people literally risking their lives to look after others. To say it's heartwarming is almost a cliche, but it does remind us of the natural human empathy, and tribal inclination to come together-despite the cultural divide & conquer of the last few years. Which reminds me, all the warmongering on the global stage recently; hopefully this astro reminds us we have more in common with the normal humans in other parts of the world, than whatever conflict agenda is trying to rouse our worst instincts right?

So yay for Venus/Mars holding hands in humanitarian Aquarius! Peaceful, intelligent solutions rule in love, romance, passion, family, friendship, the social scene, community and politics. Go us, with all this unconditional love folks xxx


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