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Sagittarius New Moon exact 2.16am, Dec 15th, and it's a Total Solar Eclipse for a good time!

So New Moons are always a fresh perspective, and in Sag it's all about embracing our wildest instincts, which the Total Eclipse fully exacerbates our rebellious lust for life. I mean to the extent its become de rigueur to tow the line & do as we're told in recent times, this Eclipse could reveal a much more free-range, expansive way of doing things bubbling up big time... specific astro as follows:

Sag Moon trine Mars in Aries; a fiery rush of dynamic energy to fuel our freedom loving independence, entrepreneurial spirit to chase our dreams on our own terms & spunky confidence in our own, authentic truth.

Sag ruler Jupiter approaching Saturn, which is really the key influence thumping away in the background-building to an exact conjunction by Dec 21st; which many believe will be a profound inspiration/awakening for our most positive evolution. I mean this is an important integration of our Saturnian, disciplined self control, as we figure out our relationship with external authority vs the inner voice of right action in the world, according to the integrity of our own value system. And Jupiter calling us to explore visionary, exciting new adventures to turn us on, just because it feels so good to be alive!

Especially with the Destiny Point opposite this Moon, where we come to terms with our broader purpose in life; and how to gracefully align with whatever calling is inviting us outside our comfort zone, toward the future we have come here to explore our full potential in the world.

So let's howl at this Moon & get passionate about living like we mean it. Happy wild-child Total Eclipse folks x


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