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So Scorpio Full Moons are notorious for volcanic emotional intensity at the best of times; and this one, exact 2.14pm May 16th, AEST is next level!

This is a Total Lunar Eclipse, for fully dealing with whatever feelings have been brewing all month. And Eclipses tend to ask us to not only feel whatever's going on, but also do the transformative work to move through the issues lurking within. So lucky Scorpio energy loves to dig deep, and phoenix through the intensity to come out stronger & more clear on the other side.

Especially syncing powerful, libidinous Pluto & Saturn discipline to keep it real...

Yes, so the good news is we are super courageous and ready to thrive with full passion in all areas of life. This is sexy & life affirming as fuq!

But also, the process can be a bitch of course. If we are reluctantly facing demons we've been assiduously avoiding for ages, or dealing with crazy psycho/sexual/control freakery around us-we want to be very empowered in our gutsy integrity right now...

How wonderful to be deeply, authentically caring with ourselves & one another, as we connect with our most potent life force. Happy Scorpio Eclipse folks x

Image: Lori Menna


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