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Taurus Full Moon is here, exact 9.02pm Nov 8th, AEDT, and it's a cracker Total Lunar Eclipse!

To the extent Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month: in Taurus we are hungry-with exacerbated appetites for whatever pleasures turn us on. Also we seek the comfort of cosy, healthy emotional stability where we can find it. So this Eclipse energy really magnifies our kinaesthetic, physically intelligent awareness -of where our desire nature is sustainable, sexy and life affirming vs where we are frankly obsessed with addictive patterns/stuck in habitual ways of doing things. Know what I mean?

Because this Moon is conjunct Uranus & the Destiny Point in Taurus, opposite Mercury/Sun/Venus in Scorpio, with healthy Ceres in Virgo and intellectually rigorous Saturn in Aquarius involved.

In other words we know what we want, and how to get it if immediate gratification/satisfaction genuinely fulfils us. Or how to re-evaluate our priorities if it's time to clean up our act-and aim for fresh, leaner, cleaner goals? With the discipline to do genuine self-care, for optimum wellbeing.

And our relationships are fully focused on sexy desire:

Could be we have a hot love affair/partnership going on, with enough honest passion to keep evolving together; maybe outside the comfort zone we were hoping for -but so worth it to explore a more authentic future?

Could be we realise we are stuck in some weirdly toxic entanglement, and suddenly have the courage work real. gutsy emotional boundaries to extricate ourselves?

Could be we have some sudden, strange attraction luring us in. And funnily enough, with Mars retro; could be someone from the past turning up, or someone new with spooky pattern recognition from our past relationships? Either way we get a fab, fresh perspective, to move forward in a better way, right?

Happy Total Taurus Eclipse folks, this can be so brilliant if we keep it real & life affirming x

Much more detail for your sign, with the Nov horoscopes here.

Image: the Witches of Eastwick, meme by Grassroots Rosie.

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