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Mars in your work/health/lifestyle sector Sept 15th-Oct 30th is massively energising, to get onto optimum physical vitality, wellbeing & work ethic to feel good about being alive. You adore this of course, it’s your natural thing!

So the New Moon of Oct 6th exactly conjunct Mars is extra special, for clear instincts about how to get your act together & thrive, with the sheer dynamic energy to follow through for the rest of the month. And opposite the healer Chiron in your soul sector, for a subtle awareness of how your spiritual/emotional state is affecting your performance in the world right? So you don’t mind Mercury retro for this Moon, to finesse the details of what you do according to your core values; rather than charging forward on hare brained schemes just for the sake of it.

Because speaking of retrograde season, how frustrating have Saturn & Jupiter been, retro in your career sector for the last 4 months? It’s felt like since late May you have been moving backwards on your professional dreams; and a bitch having to constantly re-assess what success even means, as opposed to actual forward momentum. But do admit you are now clearer than ever, having used your famous patience to navigate this process & finesse your brilliant ambitions in the clear light of reality check, right?

And the reward this month is Saturn &Jupiter on the move-yay finally! Saturn direct from the 11th clarifies realistic new plans to take the world by storm, that you are ready to action. Then Jupiter direct on the 18th trines Mars in your work sector, just as Mercury turns direct also on your work sector. This is seriously on-point timing for a rush of fabulous confidence, professional bravado & momentum to back your most intelligent, potentially wildly successful schemes. Nice one!

And Jupiter trine Mars is massively motivating for a fitness bender. I mean with so much dynamic energy to burn & focus on healthy wellbeing; time to head to the gym, jogging track, yoga class or whatever turns you on for the feel-good endorphins of working out & a strong, fit body to get stuff done-you love feeling comfortable in your skin so this is your natural thing, of course.

Meanwhile love is nice right now. With your ruler Venus in your partner sector Sept 10th till Oct 7th you have been onto harmonious relationship vibes, to keep it sweet. Then Venus in your sex/intimacy sector till Nov 5th raises the temperature to hot passion, that comes with genuine vulnerability with someone special you really care about. Especially Venus conjunct the south node of old karmic ties around Oct 9th, to bond more closely with your existing lover with beautiful affirmation of your existing commitment. Or way more likely to have someone spooky from your past suddenly turning up -to sort things out one way or the other?

Then the Full Moon of the 21st in your soul sector, opposite Mars in your work sector is fab, to work at manifesting your dreams in real life.

Image: Hannah Lemholt


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