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As if Uranus in your sign wasn’t enough radical growth, Eclipse season fully has your number, for karmic evolution this month:

The Taurus New Moon, partial Eclipse of the 1st is a cracker, conjunct Uranus on the Destiny Point and syncing Mars in intuitive Pisces. So a fresh perspective on how to embrace the wild, game-changing scenarios in your life; with the intelligence to act with subtlety & patience, rather than charging ahead like a bull at a gate. Know what I mean?

-Especially Mars sharing your social sector with Venus/Jupiter exactly conjunct. You are excited by meaningful connections with crew who inspire your genius, it’s nice to align your positive goals with the

cultural zeitgeist and bond with good friends.

-And the Destiny Point square Saturn in your biz sector, for a the discipline to make your vocational/life calling happen, in a pragmatic professional sense.

Then Venus and Jupiter into your soul sector from the 11th, to begin a year ahead of finding your magical inspiration within. And with the healer Chiron involved, the wellbeing that comes from a sense of spiritual meaning & purpose.

Then the Full Moon of the 16th, in your partner/relationship sector is a Total Lunar Eclipse! Especially with the Destiny Point involved in your sign, your instincts about who to love, and how to relate to them are spectacularly on point… you know when magnetic chemistry is calling your name and you know what to do about it:

Especially the South Node of past karma in your love sector. You get pattern recognition, about how old issues or the romantic intelligence you have gained thus far, with your relationship experiences are influencing your current choices.

This kind of perspective could be gold of course, to be fully self-aware about dealing with your current lover/partner scenario? Including long term commitment, that is ready to move beyond comfy status quo -in order to connect even more deeply.

Or if single could be spooky synchronicity:

For some unfinished love affair to turn up from the past -oh my goodness could be sudden reunited bliss, or maybe putting this thing to rest once & for all? Clarity one way or the other feels so good.

Or you meet someone new, and the mutual attraction feels like recognition of some weird past life entanglement… Especially Mars/Neptune, to blur the boundaries between sexual tension & spiritual connection on the social scene hmmm?

And Mars into your soul sector from the 25th, hooking up with Jupiter by the 29th, just as Venus in Taurus lights up your gorgeous charisma. A chance to tune into any subtle seduction cues with soulmate type lovers, (and with Mercury retro in your sign, it’s all about subtext); because you are just so desirable they can’t help but reveal their feelings, one way or the other!

Then the New Moon of the 30th in your money sector -get ready to be onto fab earning earning scenarios, coming up in June…

Image: Bettie Page


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