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Scorpio Full Moon, exact 3.34am, May 6th AEST. And it's an Appulse Eclipse, to keep things fast moving, intense and spicy:

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and of course Scorpio Moons are notorious for deep emotion. Life-affirming passion, courageous vulnerability and sexy intimacy are totally empowering -in the sense we are brave enough to be authentic. Also seething undercurrents, with hidden resentments & power trips we want to keep an eye on...but at least shadow shizz being revealed clears the air, one way or the other huh?

Because this Eclipse has Sun conjunct Uranus, for radical clarity:

Ideally we suddenly become more self aware- of our own brilliant potential as well as any self defeating patterns we are ready to face, for honest, transformative personal growth.

And we suddenly see our relationship dynamics with blinding emotional clarity. Ideally for transformative, honest connection with one another-and healthy love affairs as well as family/social/biz connections thrive. Also if we need to address any narky issues, in our more problematic entanglements; this could be the gutsy astro to keep it real. Liberating new love and relational paradigms are our reward.

Especially healer Chiron trine Bitch Lilith. We get to assert our fierce, unfuckwithable personal integrity- in a way that allows mutual understanding & respect, with the people we most care about. Know what I mean?

Happy Scorpio Eclipse folks, lets phoenix through this one as high frequency as possible x

And more detail for your sign, with the lunar horoscopes for May here.

Image: unable to find original credit, for this spunky picture.


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