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Full Moon in Gemini, exact 7.29pm Nov 30th, AEDT -and this one is a Lunar Eclipse! So the usual, Full Moon sense of feelings that have been brewing all month suddenly rising up is amplified, for full emotional impact:

But also being in airy Gemini we are not so much driven by a simple rush of primal desire/gut instincts or whatever; as dealing with a multifaceted, kaleidoscopic range of feelings, needs, mood swings, ideas about what we should feel as opposed to just feeling it & various (possibly complicated) interpersonal entanglements to take into consideration. So we are really embracing our full emotional complexity right now, especially as Gemini does love to overthink things in fine, convoluted detail -gah this one could be quite emotionally and mentally overwhelming...

So I guess the way to navigate this Moon is coming to terms with our own mixed feelings, without overanalysing them too much. Including some sparkling, beautiful moments of emotional clarity that really shine, amongst the white noise of confusion-and we want to trust the feelings that ring true, and gently allow them to reveal themselves & guide us forward in their own sweet way.

This does require the mental/emotional discipline to do genuine, simple self-acceptance of who we are, in all our flawed, ambiguous glory -which yes is harder than it looks but so worth it. Because the more can give ourselves permission to process our crazy emo sans judgement, the more we can also give our loved ones permission to do the same. And ideally do relationships a little less fraught, french-film style game playing/drama & more easy, unconditional mutual understanding huh?

Happy Gemini Eclipse folks, let's celebrate the incandescent moments of clarity, whilst letting go of the stuff we can't control & keep it as inspired as possible x

Image: the wonderful Danielle Noel of Starchild Tarot.


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