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So the mating season vibe from February continues, with Venus/Mars in exact, gloriously romantic embrace early March. Especially exact on Pluto for a primal, sexy energy to heat things up big time! Everyone is feeling it, and for you in your 3rd house of how you think and what you have to say about it. Obviously, when it comes to healthy relating, communication is key!

You get to speak more clearly, for bang-on, satisfying dialogues with whoever you’re dealing with. Because with your ruler Pluto involved, even less likely than usual to fluff around making small-talk/people-pleasing platitudes. Also not so much the enigmatic silent treatment, that do admit lol, you tend to do when you just wish the masses would shut the fuq up and read your mind.

I mean your mental intensity is powerful, crystal clear and exquisitely self-aware about whatever you are on about right now. So this would be a good time to point out that the quality of your thoughts -positive/negative/whatever will manifest at warp speed here, exactly according to the intentions you choose to focus on. Cliché but oh so true.

So back to how you get to express this clarity? Ok your ability to cut the crap, and project concise info is borderline telepathic; if you need to one pointed look, minimalist/loaded txt etc could speak volumes! Or think about someone hard enough, then they call out of the blue. Which is your natural style, of course.

But more so, the courage to speak up, with game-changing honesty really is your superpower in early March. Venus/Mars/Pluto exactly conjunct promise such rewarding, mutual understanding-to clear out the cobwebs of any conversation, and get stunningly real with one another.

And of course, as stated above this is super sexy, hot romantic frisson, for your love life! Could be passionately revealing, brave deep diving into frank, radically vulnerable Us chats with your special someone. Or if single/dating could be your famously hypnotic, sweet talking, flirty wiles could lure someone into your orbit… Crazy promising, either way.

Especially with the New Moon of March 3rd in your playful romance sector, with lucky Jupiter syncing sparky Uranus in your partner sector. Quality time with a lover bring special, unexpected moments to really turn each other on. Not exactly predictable commitment as such, but fabulous nonetheless!

Then Venus/Mars into your home sector, from the 6th bring your attention to domestic harmony. Maybe your love affair is a shacked up, cosy situation? Maybe time to also think about family, and the importance of bonding with your tribe for the rest of the month?

Then the Full Moon of the 18th, in your social sector also brings fab recognition from your crew/networking opportunities. It’s all about showing off your talent & authentic self in the world-and the right people notice for sure.


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