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Mars in your day job & health sector lately has been firing up your motivational work ethic and the kind of awesome workout regime/fitness that you adore; for optimum physical and professional vitality –you’re feeling powerful and ready to thrive!

So Uranus churning up sudden, fluxy change at work doesn’t bother you too much. I mean you are the sign most likely to embrace cool new opportunities at warp speed, for maximum advantage as opposed to missing out cos clinging to boring old stability…

But also Uranus square Saturn in your comms/ideas sector brings a certain tension. As in you have to master biz-speak, fill out the forms in triplicate & do due diligence on certain professional negotiations. Yes I know you despise all that bureaucratic shit, but sometimes it’s worth playing the game in order to make your brilliant, wild ideas happen in the world right?

And the beautiful thing is Mercury on your ruler Jupiter around the 5th for a positive, confident spin on how to express your truth in every conversation in your life. I mean just saying that if your work involves writing/public speaking/social media, early March is fab to finesse your articulate genius in the world.

Also because this astro is great to keep it real, for sparkly, honest mutual understanding in personal relationships –just in time for Mars firing up your relationship sector from the 5th…

Mars brings fresh, sexy chemistry to your love life. If you’re into men, your lover is so much more likely to be coming at you with passionate intentions to renew the flame, or if single more likely to meet some hot dude to turn you on. And/or if you are male it’s a great to put it out there, and let someone special know you are keen? Especially with Mars on the Destiny Point by the 26th, could be real growth in a relationship with genuinely meaningful future potential.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 13th has a stunning Venus/Neptune conjunction in your domestic sector. Perfect for jushing up your home with inspired interior design for a beautiful space to live in, and special moments with your tribe for harmonious familial & co-hab relating – yes including sweet shacked up romance.

Image: Daria Pilnitskaya by Zoltan Tombor for Grazia

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