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Sagittarius Full Moon, exact 1.41pm June 4th, AEST. So to the extent Full Moons are a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month, in Sag our most powerful feelings are to do with restless yearning for personal freedom...

We are beautifully excited about any expansive dreams calling our name, with fab courage to take intelligent risks; on chasing our adventures and visionary, truth-seeking intellectual/creative pursuits. And passionate about the relationships that help us to grow. Positive affirmations turn us on so much right now, with the exuberance to follow through on right, life affirming action.

Also easily triggered to rebellious, itchy impatience. We are over our own self-defeating patterns, ready to challenge ourselves to move on, with a better attitude. And anyone foolish enough to get in our way, especially with control freak nonsense -zero tolerance policy!

Also this Moon is part of a Grand Fire Trine, with healer Chiron in Aries and Bitch Lilith in Leo. The force is strong, with our flammable, hot blooded lust for life:

Lilith in Leo is iconoclastic, showing off our brilliance with shameless swagger. It's actually not so much validation or applause we are after-more could give a fuq what anyone thinks, with permission to shine the qualities we value about ourselves, regardless of whether the world approves or not. Rebellious Sag Moon digs this attitude.

And Chiron in Aries brings the self acceptance we need, to be genuine about it. Beyond sheer bravado, which can sometimes hide all manner of insecurities? It takes a tremendous comfortability in one's own skin to be truly self-assured in the world, even when our individual expression is deemed weird, unpopular or even transgressive in certain circles. Know what I mean?

Again, Sag energy is cool with being the rebel in the crowd, and maybe inspire others with our own courage of convictions. Or just busy off on our personal vision quest, doing our own thing. Thus do we thrive right now!

And Venus opposite Pluto for this Moon. Our creative magic is powerful, as we manifest our fiery desires. And our love lives are super passionate, with deeper emotional connection -and maybe moments of hot romance to turn us on?

Happy Sag Full Moon folks x

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