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Full Moon in Sagittarius coming up, 9.13pm May 26th, AEST and its a cracker! A Total Lunar Eclipse square Sag ruler Jupiter for full-blown, over the top Saggo vibes...

Full Moons are a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and in Sag it's always a restless, hungry desire for freedom that drives us forward. We are chafing against restrictive circumstance, rules & regulations, power trippy idiots, our own limiting fears or whatever has been holding us back lately. Because we are all riled up, and excited to charge forward to the next grand adventure, we are ready to live large like we mean it. And as truth seekers we understand the importance of personal integrity -if we are going to claim our free range permission to do whatever the fuq we want with our life, we better walk our talk & take responsibility for our choices right?

And the Eclipse energy fully magnifies this-no wriggle room to be anything other than our true selves right now. Every compromise or dishonest behaviour feels extra painful, and every time we embrace our genuine potential to thrive on our own terms, we feel wonderfully alive & able to manifest our most meaningful, magnificent path in the world.

Especially with Sag ruler Jupiter in mystical Pisces involved; to inspire our most extravagant dreams, visionary sense of purpose and creative genius...that we are so ready to rock with next-level spunky confidence. I mean ok, this can also be massively indulgent if we are into substance abuse or escapist fantasy type nonsense, so we want to watch that right? Much better to keep our wild-child tendencies positive & life affirming of course.

And ps handy hint, I wouldn't be trying to cramp the style of any Saggies in your life -they're liable to kick back! Or if you are Sag, please do seize your full, unapologetic brilliance right now and let no one hold you back -if not now, when?? But also do admit you can be a handful when you get your bolshie attitude on, and remember certain people in your life are doing their best to keep up, lol.

Happy Eclipse folks, lets keep it fabulously free for all of us xxx


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