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So it begins. After the last few months of retrograde season, with so many planets stalled cramping our style -October brings a bunch of key, powerhouse planets moving forward to get our groove back on & get a move on -hallellujah, finally! And the first off the rank is Pluto direct in Capricorn, from Oct 6th:

Pluto is all about the dynamics of power structures in the world around us & psycho-sexual power trips in our personal lives. And ultimately whether we are working on the integrity of internal locus of power & taking responsibility for our own shizz OR projecting our power at other people, by trying to control them/play victim & be controlled by them-know what I mean?

And yes this requires some shadow work. During Pluto retro since late April we may have realised our own fears: fear to be as brilliant & spunky as we are capable of, fear of material success or failure, fear of being judged by others, fear of our appetites & sexual/romantic desires, fear of the unknown- which may have had us lashing out at other people; because trying to control them is easier than trying to control the primal flow of energy moving through our own lives -which takes so much more self-awareness & personal discipline right?

It has become clear we are either courageous & real about who we are; owning our shadow & our light and, like the phoenix in the flames burning off our own toxic tendencies and rise up singing in our sexy truth... or we are not. And if not, what fears are we still feeding, that we are hiding behind the mask of self-doubt & pretending not to be alive to who we really are?

Because Pluto direct is such fuqing fabulous, fierce vitality for positive personal transformation, live like we mean it and thrive right now. And celebrate everyone else doing the same for more healthy, exciting relationships. Yay-let's be honest, empowered & embrace this wonderful new lust for life!

ps this Rumi quote is from another time-the mask as metaphor for hiding our glorious truth from the world. If we wish to translate this in light of current events/mandates etc, Pluto is always triggering our gut feelings on any matter-um could be relevant, to stay true to ourselves either way...

Happy Pluto direct folks x


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